A New Body For Skya

Skya seemed to have had a lovely time during her short photo session. Yet I couldn’t help but notice how unimpressed she was by that original body of hers. She in fact found herself excruciatingly limited by it.  Her original body would indeed only allow the rotation of her arms, waist and legs; in other words only a few rather peculiar movements.

Little she knew she would be getting a new body and so began my research on Blythe bodies. I am very new to the Blythe customisation scene but having surfed the web quite some, I have seen Blythe dolls on all sorts of bodies. It all depends what style one really is after and the extent of modifications one is willing to carry on on either the body or the face/back plates .

There are nonetheless some favourites amongst the Blythe collectors:

-The Takara Neo Blythe body: arms do not bend but rotate at the shoulder joints, rotating hip joint offering a full rotation of the waist, legs have a knee joint that allows different positions (straight, slightly bending, almost 90 degrees bending).

-The Takara Licca Chan body: arms bend and rotate at the shoulder joints, rotating hip joint offering rotation of the waist, legs do not have any knee joint but do bend.

-The Azone Pure Neemo body: a jointed body that comes in two different skin tones (Normal & White), two different type of flections (Flection & Flection Full Action), different sizes (XS, S, M, L), different sizes of breast (S, M, L, LL -there is also a boy body available) & different pairs of hands. This body seems to require a neck modification or the doll’s head will wobble incessantly.

-The Sweetiiger body: a jointed body that comes in two different chest types A & B (the difference being minimal; the nipples of type A chest are painted, those of type B aren’t – A boy body, flat chested is also available), three different skin tones (Normal, Light Tan, Dark Tan) & different pairs of hands. This body has been made with the Blythe in mind, comes with a Blythe knob and therefore requires no neck modification.

Seeing Skya so disappointed by the limited range of positions that her original body offered, I knew she would be totally seduced by a fully jointed boy. I personally couldn’t resist the Sweetiiger body as it has been made with Blythe in mind and would as such require no further work from my behalf. So Skya is getting a type B fully jointed body from Sweetiiger (normal skin tone) (See SKYA’S BODIES photo gallery).


You can find further information on the above bodies on the links below: